iHeartRadio Is on Portal From Facebook, a New Family of Home Video Communication Devices

Facebook is on a mission to bring families and loved ones closer together with its latest home video communication devices, Portal and Portal+. And what connects us better than music? With Portal you’ll be able to use both touch and your voice to tune in to live iHeartRadio radio stations, artists stations, podcasts and free playlists that fit your mood, activity, theme or genre. Portal has the best of iHeartRadio, all in one place and coming soon you will be able to invite your far away friends to some virtual dance parties in your living room, or share a song while you’re video-chatting with the fam!

Portal comes with an AI-powered video camera equipped to follow kids on the move, Smart Sound technology that enhances the voice of whoever is speaking, a voice-controlled video call system that lets you chat with friends and family, and crystal clear audio made for sharing and jamming out to the latest iHeartRadio hits.

Don’t have an iHeartRadio account yet? No problem! You don’t need one start listening to iHeartRadio on Portal. And the best part it, it uses all the Alexa commands you know and love, just say, “Hey Alexa, play iHeartRadio,” and enjoy!