#BBHMM: Tackling Tax Day with iHeartRadio

Today marks the end of a long, dreaded time of year: Tax Season. And even though it’s April 15th, many of us are still asking ourselves critical questions, like “What’s a 1099?” and “Is my dog’s food tax-deductible?” Luckily, we’ll soon be pressing “file” on those taxes and crossing our fingers for a hefty refund to come bouncing back our way.

The stress of Tax Season isn’t lost on us here at iHeartRadio. We have thousands of stations and millions of songs for each step of the way, no matter where you find yourself today.

Maybe you haven’t even started, and could really use some tax time tips to get going. After all, what do you do if you make a mistake on your forms?
Or maybe you’re ahead of the curve. You’ve filed your taxes already, but haven’t heard anything back from the government yet and it’s driving you crazy. Instead of waiting anxiously by your mailbox (or your inbox, for the savvy e-filers among us), take a deep breath in and let out an “om.​” Namaste.
Perhaps your attitude toward the IRS is more like ours:
And if it is, maybe a big refund came through and the possibilities for spending your returns are basically limitless. You could be responsible and pay off your credit card...or you could jump at the chance to buy tickets to an upcoming music festival (you know what we’d choose)! Either way, you need an upbeat soundtrack to jam out to.
On the other hand, maybe you owe the IRS and you’re like, “I got bills I gotta pay. So I’ma gonn’ work work work every day.

No matter what your Tax Day status, we at iHeartRadio have your back. And the good news is, once today is over, you can sit back and chill out.
Well, at least until next year.

Photo: Getty Images