“Committed” Is Back For Its Third Season With Brand New Stories About Love and Relationships!

Grab your headphones and a tissue box because “Committed” is back with a brand new season! Expect season three to be just as real, heartbreaking and uplifting as former ones: Host Jo Piazza has returned ready to peel back the curtain on marriage and relationships and is bringing the intimate and raw stories of couples trying to make it work.

This season, Piazza talks to a couple reeling from a fatal ALS diagnosis, two husbands who sold their home for a nomadic life on the open road living in an RV, a husband and wife who decide to invite another woman into their marriage and even a couple who broadcasted their engagement to the world through the television show, “90-Day Fiance.”

In the first episode of the third season, Jo sits down with Margaret and Kevin — who tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Luckily he survived, but he was checked into a psychiatric ward to recover. That’s where he met Margaret. She fell in love with him for his honesty and bravery, and she loved that he wasn’t afraid to show the parts of himself that were still broken. Today, Kevin and Margaret are happily together and, although Kevin still struggles with his mental health, he no longer has to deal with it on his own. Margaret is by his side and ready whenever he needs to ask for help.

Committed” is one of Apple Music’s most popular podcasts. In fact, due to its wide listenership, ABC recently bought the show and will be producing an anthology TV series based on the podcast’s stories.

Join Jo Piazza for season three to hear more heartbreaking, uplifting and beautiful stories. Because the truth is, we’re all still figuring it out together — and that’s okay.