iHeartRadio Coming Soon to Android Automotive OS

Hey all you commuters and parent carpoolers, Google’s determined to bring a safe and seamlessly-connected audio experience into every car, and iHeartRadio is proud to be an early access partner for Android Automotive OS.

Whether you’re heading on a road trip across state lines or down to the local supermarket, radio, music and podcasts make every driving experience infinitely more enjoyable. But fumbling through your phone while on the road isn’t the safest. This is why Google is working with car manufacturers to build infotainment systems powered by Android. These vehicles will come with apps and services built-in and optimized for the car. And starting in 2020, iHeartRadio will be available in all of these cars as they roll out!

Through a driver-optimized experience, you will be able to browse through iHeartRadio’s library, access your saved stations, search for and play live radio, artist radio, playlists and podcasts. It will be faster and easier than ever before to locate and play content.

From car-sick puppies to over-excited kids, whatever your distractions, we’ll make sure you can still turn on your radio, music and podcasts with ease!