iHeartRadio Presents: The Surprising Musical Tastes of “Leap Babies”

Every four years, something truly momentous happens. No, we’re not referring to the Olympics, or the presidential election — we’re talking about Leap Day! Yes, in 2016 we get a 366th day to our year, an added twenty-four hours to laugh and dance and sing and celebrate. But for those born on Leap Day, birthdays are few and far between. So to celebrate those born on February 29, who only get a birthday once every four years, iHeartRadio has pulled together a list of the top artists according to “leap babies” — with surprising results!

Here are the most-listened-to artists, according to data from iHeartRadio users born on February 29:

  1. Luke Bryan

  2. The Judds

  3. Nickelback

  4. Breaking Benjamin

  5. Taylor Swift

  6. Jason Aldean

  7. Florida Georgia Line

  8. Five Finger Death Punch

  9. Blake Shelton

As you can see, leap babies have surprisingly eclectic tastes. While sure, they’re just like everyone else in that they love Taylor Swift, leap babies show a wide variety of tastes, from country stars like Luke Bryan (who leads the pack) to heavy-metal band Five Finger Death Punch to the Canadian rock superstars everyone loves to hate (but also secretly loves), Nickelback.

What will you listen to on this “bonus day”? Whatever your tastes, tune into iHeartRadio for stations built to fit your unique musical perspective.