Introducing the iHeartRadio Blog

After weeks months years of work, the iHeartRadio team is excited to be launching our official blog! We’ve got big plans for this blog and are thrilled to have our listeners, fans and followers along for the ride. 

What can you expect? Well, we’ve already got an amazing lineup of posts in the queue—and trust us, there will be something for everyone.

You might see a hilarious skit with a chart-topping artist one day, then a thought-provoking post on the future of the music industry the next. You might see a list of the top new artists that you’re not listening to yet (but should be!), followed by announcements about new iHeartRadio tech advances and integrations, data stories about the surprising way our users are interacting with us, behind-the-scenes tours, timely custom radio stations and song recommendations, exclusive updates on upcoming events—and we’re just getting started!

Basically, we want you to think of this blog as the pulse of iHeartRadio. It’ll be home to everything you want to know about your favorite artists and songs, our product and the music industry at large.

It’s true—this is a huge project, and it’s not one we’re taking lightly. We’ve got a whole team of writers, editors, artists, on-air personalities, radio programmers, data scientists and music lovers on board, and honestly, we have more ideas for blog posts than we know what to do with...which is probably the best “problem” to have.

But enough about us. Let’s turn all this talk into action and kick off this blog. It’s going to be fresh, it’s going to be smart, it’s going to be fun and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.