Prom Season Is Here—Time To Hit The Dancefloor With Our Fun Prom Playlist

Prom season is finally upon us! You’ve got the dress, the tux, the flowers, the limo and a date. Phones are poised for photos, corsages are fastened and the venue is perfectly decorated to the theme. But do you know what songs you’re going to rock out with? Don’t worry, iHeartRadio has got you covered. Our Prom Playlist is the perfect stream of fun pop and dance bangers to match your upcoming prom!

Whether you’re ready to party and move on from high school, or you’re sad to leave all of your friends behind, we’ve got songs to help you commemorate the past four years. You’ll love our mix of both upbeat and emotional songs for getting ready, taking pictures, making memories and dancing the night away with your closest friends!

And we’re not just giving you the hits from today. From Rihanna’s seminal classic “Don’t Stop the Music” to Zedd and Maren Morris’s “The Middle,” we made a mix of old and new hits for this must-have prom soundtrack. Get ready to celebrate, wear waterproof mascara and live your best life! Happy Prom!

Prom Playlist​​​​​​​