#SupportNewMusic with Nikki Sixx: Attention. Attention. #Alternative.

By: Nikki Sixx

Rock has always been a genre that breathes passion. At its core, it’s raw and emotional. When you break it down, no matter the style, its goal is to push against the grain (thank god). The death of all music is simply complacency. When artists go with the flow, follow the rules, and try to fit in, it just adds poison to the system. We need to ignore the businesspeople who say that music needs to fit inside a certain format (that’s a whole ‘nother blog post).

This blog is a chance for me to turn you onto some new bands, since I believe it’s important to explore what unique and alternative artists are creating. They deserve it. As listeners, we need to be paying attention to music that’s new and different, and especially to upcoming artists. We should never lose our musical curiosity.

With that in mind, here are a few new and different Alternative bands that I look forward to playing on the radio. Let me know what you think: I’m on Twitter at @NikkiSixx or @SixxSense, and I follow the hashtags #SupportNewMusic and #AttentionAttention.

Raury – “Friends”

This song is soft and engaging, and has a lot of depth to it. It makes me want to hang out with the guys and drive across the country. If this isn’t a hit, my internal hit predictor is off.


MuteMath – “Monument”

MuteMath is a very cool, unique-sounding band, and they almost always deliver a great song. They’re one of those artists that if you buy the record, you’re gonna love it all.


The Mispers - "Brother"

I love the way the song opens with the orchestration and then goes into the talking. The chorus releases and opens up, yet maintains the character of the song.


Destroyer – “Times Square”

This song would sound just as good whether you’re cruising with the top down in your car or hanging out at the beach. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these guys.


The Banners – “Shine A Light”

I like the way the song progresses into a singable chorus. The vocals harken back to classic Coldplay.


Nikki Sixx is an international rock icon, founding member of Mötley Crüe and Sixx:A.M., two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Heroin Diaries and This Is Gonna Hurt, philanthropist, photographer and host of the syndicated rock radio programs Sixx Sense and The Side Show Countdown.​​​​​​​​