Artist of the Week: Computer Games

Brothers Darren Criss + Chuck Criss are the duo behind the all-new alt-pop band, Computer Games, and they’ve just dropped their first EP — Lost Boys Life!

Combining signature sounds of the 80s, with their evident flair for contemporary pop melodies and production, the four-song EP is being released independently by the group.

“Chuck and I grew up playing computer games. We weren’t allowed to play video games, so for some reason, computer games were a loophole,” Darren told EW about the band’s name. “Plus, I like the way that it sounds because it’s sort of an all-prevailing concept.”

Computer Games recently stopped by our studios to perform an intimate, acoustic set. Check out the stirring rendition of their song “Lost Boys Life” from the performance, below:


And after that, check out the rest of Computer Games' new music on iHeartRadio and listen to your favorites on repeat, all on demand! ​​​​​​​​​