Artist of the Week: Niall Horan

Niall Horan released a brand new single last week titled “Nice To Meet Ya” and we already can’t get enough! The song is all about a new love that may or may not be going well. It’s clear from both the song’s lyrics and its matching music video that Niall is unsure of where this budding relationship is headed, but one thing is clear as crystal: Niall is definitely invested in wherever this new relationship goes.

The song is fun and could be described as a perfect mix of alternative rock and pop. Niall’s deep voice keeps the song consistently soulful, from its opening lyrics to the climactic chorus. The music video is just as alluring as the song. It stars Niall and a mysterious, unnamed female who, while trying to sneak out his apartment in the morning, accidentally forgets her phone. The music video goes back in time with Niall to 24-hours before meeting this woman to explain how and where they met.

Niall revealed a little more about the song and the inspiration for its lyrics in an interview with Billboard, saying: I was out one night and locked eyes with this girl. We got chatting, and she was with a group of her mates and I was with a group of my mates. It felt like every time I turned around — like the lyric says — she just kind of disappeared. But then over the course of the same night, in different bars around that same area, we would bump into each other.”​

We love this new song, and we can’t wait to hear more from Niall in the coming year. You can stream “Nice To Meet Ya” on iHeartRadio now, and you can check out this former One Direction member and star at this year’s 2019 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball. He’ll be performing, get your tickets here!

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