“The Baller Alert Show” Is Coming to iHeartRadio!

Are you obsessed with pop culture? Are you always looking for the fresh scoop when it comes to celebrity news? If so, we’ve got the perfect podcast for you. For all the pop culture, hot gossip, fresh perspectives and belly laughs you need, check out “The Baller Alert Show,” a podcast show that is the latest innovation from the beloved Baller Alert brand.

The show is hosted by Kenny Burns, a cutting-edge lifestyle specialist, culture curator and entertainment industry veteran; Su Solo, an entrepreneur, influencer and brand ambassador; and Ferrari Simmons, a hot party host and broadcasting personality from Atlanta's 94.5 The Streetz. This dynamic dream team has the high-energy interplay that will have viewers engaged from start to finish!

Each episode of “The Baller Alert Show” begins with a recap of the week’s most compelling pop culture news. Then, the show dives into Baller Mail, a segment where the hosts answer burning questions and discuss commentary submitted by Baller Alert’s devoted fanbase (a group of people who are also known as “Baller Nation”). After that, the show moves into the “Comment Creepin” segment, which includes a focused discussion of actual comments made by celebrities on social media posts, and then finishes up with nuggets of wisdom and advice in the “KENfucius Says” wrap-up.

And, in addition to this fast-paced and engaging mix of news and opinion, “The Baller Alert Show” will also frequently welcome celebrity guest hosts to discuss unique and timely subjects. You can check it out iHeartRadio - the new home for the pop-savvy podcast.

The Baller Alert Show​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​