Buzzfeed News and iHeartMedia Have Come Together to Make “Impeachment Today” — a Podcast on the Trump Impeachment Process

For the past month, since the news broke about President Trump’s alleged efforts to encourage Ukraine and other foreign countries to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, Congress has been working on an impeachment inquiry to explore his actions. During this inquiry process, news coverage has been constant, and new information seems to appear every day. How is a person to keep up?! Luckily, Buzzfeed News and iHeartMedia have teamed up to help. The duo is announcing today a new podcast called “Impeachment Today” and will cover the Trump impeachment process.

The show will be hosted by Hayes Brown, a senior reporter at Buzzfeed News, frequent NPR and MSNBC guest and the host of the Facebook Watch show, “That Literally Happened.”

Brown will narrate a 10-to-15 minute breakdown of the day’s impeachment news and aim to help listeners make sense of this ongoing, all-consuming political and legal saga that has engulfed America’s politics.

And listeners can expect Hayes Brown to do what he does best: cut through the noise and fill them in on what really matters. With a rotating cast of experts, including Buzzfeed News’ reporters and other journalists who are covering the ongoing story, this show will catch listeners up on any impeachment-related news of the last 24 hours.

“​Part of what sets BuzzFeed News apart is this newsroom's obsession with understanding what our audience wants. As we approach the one-month anniversary of the impeachment inquiry, it is clear that our audience craves a reliable and accessible way to stay up to date on this complex and fast-moving story, from the serious to the silly. A short daily podcast is an ideal vehicle for that, and we are delighted to have Hayes, with his deep expertise, enthusiasm and empathy, to anchor it,” said Samantha Henig, executive editor of BuzzFeed News.

Don’t wait to educate yourself on this ongoing story. Listeners can check out “Impeachment Today” right now on iHeartRadio!

Impeachment Today​​​​​​​​​​​​​​