Employee of the Month Playlist: Renato Ticzon

We never pass up an opportunity to jam out to our rock favorites! Check out this classic rock playlist, courtesy of Renato Ticzon, engineering project manager at iHeartRadio. You can also see the full list of songs below!


How did you choose the songs on your playlist?

I created this playlist to train for an upcoming race in September 2018. I’m doing it with my high school friends, so I chose songs from my high school days.

When do you listen to this playlist most?

I listen to the playlist most when I work out.

Who is your dream artist to meet and why?

The Beatles. I took a history class on music and learned all about them.

Can you share your most memorable music moment experience?

Well, I’m not musically inclined. I tried playing the violin, piano and guitar but failed at all of them. However, I was once tricked into singing a song at our company karaoke party and I was told that I rocked it!

What is the best part about working at iHeartRadio?

The best part about working at iHeartRadio is all the fun events. We have artist performances, ping pong tournaments, iHeart Fitness Day, movie nights, puppies in the office on National Puppy Day and more.

A fun fact about me is…

I signed up for an Ironman competition in Chattanooga with my high school friends. Hopefully we can cross the finish line together.

Renato Ticzon’s Playlist

1. Thunderstruck — AC/DC

2. Panama (2015 Remastered Version) — Van Halen

3. Youth Gone Wild — Skid Row

4. Welcome To The Jungle — Guns N' Roses

5. Photograph — Def Leppard

6. Girls, Girls, Girls — Mötley Crüe

7. Smells Like Teen Spirit — Nirvana

8. Man in the Box — Alice in Chains

9. Walk This Way — Aerosmith

10. Where The Streets Have No Name - U2

11. Don't Stop Believin' Journey

12. Your Love The Outfield

13. Our House — Madness

14. Video Killed The Radio Star — The Buggles

15. Close To Me — The Cure

16. I Melt With You — Modern English

17. Bizarre Love Triangle (2015 Remastered Version) — New Order

18. Chains Of Love — Erasure

19. Alive and Kicking — Simple Minds

20. Good Vibrations — Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

21. It Takes Two — Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

22. Treat 'Em Right — Chubb Rock

23. What Is Love — Haddaway

24. Unbelievable — EMF

25. (You Gotta ) Fight For Your Right (To Party) — Beastie Boys

26. Peter Piper — Run-D.M.C.

27. I'm Bad — LL Cool J