Season Two of “Road to Somewhere” Is Here With the Advice You’ll Need to Weather All of Life’s Changes!

When going through any major life change — like switching careers, starting a business, leaving a relationship, moving cities, becoming a new parent or starting your life as an empty nester — it’s easy (and understandable) to feel nervous and scared. So what’s the best way to stay or get fearless in the midst of uncertainty? How do we switch directions without getting totally lost? And how can we actually enjoy the ride? 

The second season of iHeartRadio’s podcast “Road to Somewhere” wants to help you answer these questions. In fact, the co-hosts of the show, Liza Oz and Jill Herzig, are both undergoing big life changes. But by tapping into usable strategies from some of the world’s most brilliant thought leaders, they’re going to power through the uncomfortable — and help their listeners do the same.

On the second season of “Road to Somewhere,” the show’s co-hosts are bringing truth and optimism to each episode. Liza Oz is a writer, producer, and entrepreneur. With her husband of 33 years, Dr. Mehmet Oz, she helped found HealthCorps, a peer-mentoring nonprofit that delivers a progressive curriculum in nutrition, fitness and mental resilience to more than 32,000 teens in at-risk communities across the country. And now that all four of their children are grown and out of the house, Lisa is living in uncharted territory. Jill Herzig, on the other hand, has spent 20+ years as an editor at some of the biggest brands in magazines, where she motivated audiences to make positive behavior changes, rally around social causes and celebrate the awesomeness of women and girls. But now she's on the hunt for a career change — all while parenting two teenage girls in Brooklyn, New York.

It’s time to get fearless about transformation and learn how to actually enjoy the ride. For anyone who is grappling with life changes — or wants to be ready for them when they emerge — “Road to Somewhere” and its co-hosts Lisa Oz and Jill Herzig are here to help. Check out the second season of the show now on iHeartRadio!

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