Nada's Country: Meeting Shania Twain: A Story of No Chill

There are a few things that really (really) excite me. Watching videos of sloths bathing, the moments my cat decides to sleep in my lap, picking some of the pepperoni off my pizzas to eat by themselves and Shania Twain.

Nada's Country: Artists You Must See Live

After my boss Bobby Bones put together a list of Country artists you need to see in concert, I decided to put together a list of my own.

Nada's Country: Backstage at the iHeartCountry Festival

I should probably be completely transparent with you: I did not watch any of the iHeartCountry Festival. But I had a good excuse...

Nada's Country: Fashion and Festivals

Nada, "web girl" for the Bobby Bones show, shares her fashion tips for the upcoming festival season!

Nada’s Country: Who are The Raging Idiots?

Nada, “Web Girl” for The Bobby Bones Show, introduces us to the Raging Idiots.

Nada’s Country: Socially (Far From) Awkward

Nada, “Web Girl” for The Bobby Bones Show, shares social media tips from some of her favorite digitally-savvy country artists.

Nada's Country: My Summer Obsessions

Nada, “Web Girl” for The Bobby Bones Show, breaks down her favorite country jams of Summer 2015.