Nada’s Country: Socially (Far From) Awkward

By: Nada

Hearts and likes and retweets and snaps and pictures of Pumpkin Spice Lattes (which I’ve never had, believe it or not) — social media can sometimes make it seem like that’s all that’s happening in life these days.

While most of us spend more time than we’d like to admit second-guessing our filters and trying to capture the perfect 15-second video clips, there are some people who just naturally get it.

Exhibit A: Brett Eldredge

Follow this guy at your own risk: his Instagram feed will make your thumbs hurt from double tapping his posts so much. #HOWMANYHEARTSCANIGIVETHISPICTURE


Chat Snapping with the Best of them for my next @iheartradio blog. Stay tuned. cc: @bretteldredge

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Naturally, I decided to enlist the “Chat Snap” King himself to drop knowledge about how to rule the world of social media like you have blonde hair and three dragons. #subtleGOTreference

The takeaway:

  1. Don’t take life too seriously.

  2. Take your phone everywhere.

  3. Don’t be boring.

  4. Don’t try to be cool — just capture the weirdness.

Exhibit B: Lindsay Ell

This lady had Periscope mastered before you even knew it existed. She’s been known to randomly host nighttime concerts on the app, teach guitar lessons (because she slays, duh) and once even Periscoped after she lost her voice playing a charity event for 24 hours.


Till further notice... I'll be back soon.

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Here she is livestreaming an impromptu Periscope performance:

Lindsay Ell

Here are Lindsay’s five tips to dominate Periscope:

  1. Give it a minute. Don’t wait too long, but welcome everyone in for the first couple minutes to allow people on Twitter to find the link and connect to your broadcast.   

  2. Maximize your audience... Connect your Periscope to Twitter to invite more people and make sure you’re getting as many shares as possible.

  3. ...then involve your audience. Answer questions from people watching/commenting on your scope.

  4. Create a catchy caption. Be short and to the point with the title of your scope — something that will make fans want to tune in.

  5. Be consistent. Find your “thing” that fans can get to know you by, and then periscope as consistently as you can

Moral of the story? To see how good social media is done, follow these two on Twitter: @lindsayell / @bretteldredge or brett_eldredge on Snapchat.

And as a side note, also check out The Raging Idiots on Periscope — they slay (shameless plug for my boss, Bobby)! Here they are Periscoping a studio session. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Banner images: Rick Diamond/Getty Images​​