iHeartMedia’s NextUp Initiative Announces the 2023 Fellows: Find Your New Favorite Host!

NextUp is an initiative empowering up-and-coming podcast creators with the necessary tools to succeed in today’s podcast industry.

Commemorate Indigenous Peoples Day with Impactful iHeartPodcasts

Today is Indigenous Peoples Day, a time to celebrate Native American culture, sovereignty and resilience, and commemorate the battles they have faced.

iHeartMedia Launches Round Two of the NextUp Initiative

Second round of applications are now open for NextUp, an initiative empowering promising new creators to share their unique stories with the world!

Meet the Eight Up-and-Coming Podcast Creators Chosen for iHeartRadio’s NextUp!

Join iHeartRadio in celebrating the eight incredible podcast creators selected for NextUp, a new initiative empowering new promising creators to share their voices and stories with the world!

iHeartRadio Launches NextUp to Elevate Up-and-Coming Podcast Creators!

NextUp gives new opportunities for diverse and promising new podcast creators to share their voices and stories with the world.