Season Two of iHeartRadio’s “Family Secrets” Is Finally Here!

Secrets⁠—we all have them. There are the kind that are kept from us, the ones we keep from others and the secrets that we keep from ourselves. In the second season of iHeartRadio’s “Family Secrets” podcast, author Dani Shapiro talks to a new list of guests as they explore their astonishing family secrets and uncover the extraordinary lessons that the truth can teach us.

Dani Shapiro, the host of “Family Secrets,” is also a best-selling author who has written several books including Hourglass, Still Writing, Devotion and Slow Motion. Her most recent memoir, Inheritance, inspired her podcast and was written after she discovered her own family secret: a DNA test revealed that Shapiro’s father was not her biological one. Inheritance chronicles Dani’s journey to unlock the hidden story of her own identity as she tries to answer a seemingly fundamental question: what makes us who we are?

This season’s courageous guests share with Shapiro how they confronted or came to terms with a secret. Episode one details Jon Mehlman and his wife Marla’s decision not to tell their children about Marla’s breast cancer. Instead of burdening their daughters with imminent death, the two wanted to live a happy and full life. It’s an incredible story of love and resilience, which you can stream now on iHeartRadio or anywhere podcasts are available.

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