Artist of the Week: J Balvin

J Balvin just released his new album, Colores! With tracks like “Amarillo” and “Rojo,” the Colombian reggaeton singer’s sixth studio album is sure to become an instant favorite of music lovers across the globe!

Colores is Balvin’s most expressive work yet. Each of the album’s ten tracks is named after a different color and aims to capture the emotions that each shade evokes. From the upbeat “Verde” to the chilled-out “Azul,” Colores is the perfect showcase for Balvin’s range as an artist.

Balvin burst onto the music scene in 2014 with his hit single, “6 AM” and his stardom has been steadily rising ever since. To date, J Balvin has won five Billboard Latin Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, four Latin American Music Awards and has been nominated for two Grammys. Back in 2017, he became the first reggaeton artist to perform on SNL and the first Latino artist to headline Lollapalooza. Despite his meteoric rise to fame, however, Balvin has always put the music first:

"I've loved music ever since I was a little kid. I loved listening to it, singing, dancing... I've just always had a great connection with music. Always," Balvin said in an interview.

As a kid in Medellín, Colombia, Balvin developed an enduring interest in reggaeton after listening to the music of Daddy Yankee. Today, he experiments with electronica, house music and R&B in his music, but continues to draw primarily from reggaeton. And true to form, Colores embodies Balvin’s reggaeton roots. Join iHeartRadio for a Colores first listen today!

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