Artist of the Week: Nas

With almost 3 decades in the game, Nas is still one of greatest hip-hop artist of all time. He’s been producing music since the 90s and just dropped his 11th album dropped in June. The album was titled Nasir after the Queens native's full name: Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones, and here at iHeartRadio we’ve got it on repeat.

Nas made up for his 2-year hiatus by packing seven powerful tracks into this album. He raps about American ghettos and police brutality “Cops Shot the Kid”, the future of his family in “Pray My Sins Don't Get Passed to My Children” and then takes the perspective of an infant in “Everything.” The album’s full of emotion and insight – exactly what we’d expect from Nas.

We’re loving his latest, but let’s not forget about his rapid rise to the top – Nas’ debut album Illmatic was named one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. Talk about making an entrance! And we’d be remiss to not remind ourselves of the epic rap battle with Jay-Z where the two duked it out for NYC supremacy.

Nas has given us a wild ride and it looks like he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Lucky for you we’ve got all of his greatest hits the new album right here on iHeartRadio!​​

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