Artist of the Week: Selena Gomez

More than four years after releasing her last album, Selena Gomez is back and better than ever! Today, she released her third solo album: Rare. This new album gives listeners an idea of what the last couple of years of Gomez’s life have looked like — from the highest of highs to the lowest of the lows. It’s her most real, vulnerable and autobiographical album yet.

When announcing the title and revealing the album art for Rare, Gomez tweeted: “It’s the most honest music I’ve ever made and I can’t wait for you to hear my heart.” Several songs from the album detail the feelings of heartbreak and gut-wrenching loss that can follow a breakup, while others serve as dance-y, upbeat pop anthems. Bubbly or melancholy, the common denominator of Gomez’s new songs is her fierce commitment to honesty and openness. This rawness is apparent throughout the entire album with lyrics like “if the only other option is letting go / I’ll stay vulnerable” and “people can go from people you know to people you don’t.” Gomez is wearing her heart on her sleeve and holding nothing back.

Gomez, who is a 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards nominee, debuted her new album for fans at a iHeartRadio Album Release Party in Los Angeles last night.

You don’t have to wait a second longer to hear Selena Gomez’s most vulnerable work yet! Start streaming Rare on iHeartRadio now!

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