Station of the Week: WeedStream Radio

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iHeartRadio Hits A New Milestone: 80 Million Registered Users!

We’re celebrating at iHeartRadio today — we have officially surpassed 80 million registered users!

iHeartRadio's New Groove: The Vinyl Experience

Today, 67 years to the day after the unveiling of the first LP record, iHeartRadio is proud to announce a new station that brings the charm and culture of LP playback to the digital world: The Vinyl Experience.

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70 Million...and Counting!

It’s a big day here at iHeartRadio—we’ve officially surpassed 70 million registered users!

iHeartRadio Takes Pride in Its Communities

During the month of June, many of our radio stations help communities nationwide celebrate LGBT Pride Month, working together to spread knowledge, understanding and acceptance throughout the community.

Never Miss a Beat with iHeartRadio and Pebble!

The Pebble Time Watch is officially rolling out, and we’re excited to be one of the first apps to integrate with its timeline!

iHeartRadio Hits the Road with Honda

Our iHeartRadio for Auto app enables you to listen to all your favorite stations, artists and personalities while on the road. Now, we’re expanding to even more cars and are excited to introduce Honda to our lineup!

Now Playing: iHeartRadio On Your Apple Watch

The iHeartRadio app for Apple Watch will let you control your music with ease, giving you exactly what you want, when you want it, wherever you are!

iHeartRadio Lands on Xbox One

Attention all gamers: Your favorite iHeartRadio features are now available in an app completely customized for Microsoft’s Xbox One!